We’re Federated!

Just a short update to let you all know that the Archstone Press blog is now available on the Fediverse! This means you can follow our blog from any federated social media, such as Mastodon. To follow the entire blog, you can follow @archstonepress.com. You can also follow our two members individually to view only the articles they post: @bwebster and @ewatson

For those who haven’t met us, Archstone Press is a creater-owned tabletop gaming company focused on creating legacy-style roleplaying games and adventures that support them. Our flagship game, The Years of Adventure, is in active development and may be accessed for free on the Archstone Press Patreon.

On our blog, we talk about our game, as well as more general discussion topics about roleplaying in the style of the New School Revolution. For example, we have an ongoing series discussing how to run sandbox games, and why we love them.