Smoke in the Salt Pines

Our first ever adventure, Smoke in the Salt Pines, is now available on our Patreon and on!

Thick, dark mist winds between tall black pines. The trees creek and bend overhead, their tops mingling in the breeze and sending shivers across the entire wood. Everywhere are small sounds, hidden in the whisper of the needles, but these sounds are without direction or source. After spending some time in the Salt Pines, you begin to imagine eyes peering at your back. After enough time in the forest, you might even come face-to-face with those eyes.

Smoke in the Salt Pines is a 24-page semi-random pointcrawl adventure set in a magical forest that has recently taken on a sinister air. This adventure was written for The Years of Adventure, but may be easily run in any OSR or NSR adjacent system. It is best for parties with low or medium levels of experiences, and can be run in one or two sessions of play. This adventure is set within the world of Teia’s Realm (which is being continuously developed on the Archstone Press Patreon), but it can easily be run standalone, or converted to any fantasy setting of your own choosing.

What you’ll find inside:

  • The village of Cerln, it’s relationship with the forest, and a description of two important NPCs who live there.
  • 12 unique locations, people, or creatures that may be encountered when exploring the forest, and an event that will transform 8 of these locations as the party leaves
  • Stats for creatures and NPCs, made for The Years of Adventure, but easily translatable to any OSR or NSR system
  • 4 magic items which can be found in the forest, or offered as rewards